Latest Express Entry Draw 2023 | New Rounds of Invitations

The latest IRCC Express Entry draw on October 26, 2023, sent out 3,600 PR invitations targeted at 35 healthcare occupations. The CRS cutoff score was one of the lowest at 431.

Also on October 25, 2023, IRCC issued 300 permanent residency invitations in a Francophile draw. CRS cutoff score: 486.

Previously, on October 24, 2023, IRCC sent out 1,548 invitations to apply for permanent residency (PR) in a ‘PNP only’ round of invitations.

Canada has now issued a total of 95,221 invitations to apply in 35 Express Entry draws.

Out of these, 70,625 ITAs were issued in ‘no program specified’ rounds of invitations.

IRCC is now expected to announce STEM rounds of invitations in the coming weeks.

Or IRCC can surprise us with the CEC-only draw. Check back later for the latest update and information on Express Entry draws.

Recently, IRCC added more occupations to the list of occupations eligible for 50 additional CRS points with a certificate of qualification.

Click here for the complete list of 100 professions that can now receive 50 extra CRS points for a certificate of qualification.